Foundation Guidelines


The Lotte and John Hecht Memorial Foundation today has two major objectives:

  • investigation and support of complementary and alternative medicine, particularly in the treatment of cancer, and;
  • economic education that promotes the principles of a free market.

The Foundation also supplies support to organizations that help people who fall through the social safety net of government programs for the needy. Most of these groups operate around the area of Main and Hastings in Vancouver and care for that very needy population. Some support is also given to existing charitable organizations that come to the Board's attention.

Submission Procedures

Call the Foundation to discuss the project. If suitable, a letter of intent will be requested. Further information will be requested as the proposal is reviewed.

Submission Deadlines

There are three funding cycles each year. Applications will be accepted at any time.

Submission Restrictions

Funding for capital projects, endowments, scholarships or bursaries is not available.

Recipient Programs

In 2018 the Foundation disbursed over $13 million in support of these objectives. Click here for examples of some of the programs receiving funding.


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